a lost zillennial

Some pictures I took

An ongoing journal of photos and a snippet of background.

a lost zillennial 06 Feb, 2024 / Airplane view.

a lost zillennial 14 Jan, 2024 / Blanton Museum of Art in Austin, Texas.

a lost zillennial a lost zillennial a lost zillennial a lost zillennial 04 Jan, 2023 / I went down to a public park today to get photos for a news story I'm working on, but I ended up spending a lot of time there just taking photos for fun. I love how the light made everything look kind of magical. It feels cheesy to say, but sometimes I just get swept away by how beautiful Earth can be.

a lost zillennial a lost zillennial 16 Dec, 2023 / I pass this field on my way home nearly every day, and I kept kicking myself for driving past it. One day when I had some free time, I finally veered off the road to take a walk in the field to get some photos. Trespassing may have occurred, but we don't have to talk about that!

a lost zillennial 10 Dec, 2023 / I got a new camera lens, and I tried getting some shots in the dark to test it out. Christmas lights make for a nice test subject.

a lost zillennial 04 Dec, 2023 / A pretty plant at a plant store. I walked here this afternoon to take a break before I kept working. I was looking for a Venus flytrap. The owner said he had never seen one in person before, and he is going to order some. UPDATE: I bought a Venus flytrap :-)